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Cover equipment, tournament and day-to-day operational costs associated with running a sports team or club! What's your sports fundraising idea to get that home-run?


Create a sports fundraiser to collect donations & membership fees


Invite people to contribute and support your local sports club


Transfer your money pot into your club's bank account and put it to a good use!


Turn your sports fundraising ideas into reality!

Leetchi user experience

We created a money pot on to help us bridge the gap between the collected membership fees and what we actually needed to keep our amateur rugby club running. Our sports fundraising ideas? We auctioned signed jerseys. Thanks to the generous donations from our family, friends and local community we were able to cover the tournament cost for the entire season!


Manage and monitor your sports funding money pot

Via your computer or directly on your mobile

Why choose as your sports funding website?


All donations & payments end up in one-easy-to-manage place.


It takes only 1-click to create your money pot & share it with the supporters!


Guaranteed online security with’s secure payment system.


Adapt the money pot to fit your project - use your own images and description.


Share your fundraising project with all the supporters via: Gmail & social media.


Clear pricing from the start! It's 100% free to create a money pot and make donations. There's a 1.9%-4% fee on bank transfers (depending on the collected amount).

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