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Help fund a cochlear implant surgery for 18 month old baby

Raising a funding campaign as I came across the story of Marc Alexander, 18 month baby boy born in Haiti and diagnosed bilaterally deaf (both ears). Long story short, Haiti does not have the proper medical infrastructure and the government support to help this little boy get a cochlear implant surgery that would give him the ability to hear and speak. The longer he waits to get the implant, the more irreversible speech and development delay will occur. This would cost USD 30,000 including a trip abroad to get the surgery done (I myself have done research for my daughter and no kidding, it really cost that much). I spoke to his mother who didn't know what to do and who to turn to, and I felt the need to help them. As a French national and a Hong Kong resident , and as a mother of a 6 months deaf baby myself, my family is fortunate enough to have access to the best-in-class health support, excellent medical care and infrastructure ...and this is all (or almost) FREE!! We tend to forget how lucky we are. This little boy does not share our luck.Please take some time to read his story, DONATE and SHARE THIS POST to help him get access to a cochlear implant surgery, this amazing, life changing technology that will give him back the gift of hearing and speech.Carine Story of Marc Alexandre: Hello everyone. We are Kamaïa and Darlin Jeanty, parents of 18 months old Marc-Alexandre. We live Haiti, one of the most under-developed country in the world.We suspected the deafness of our son when he was 2 months and a half, as he was not reacting to sound. Due to lack of medical resources and infrastructure in Haiti, we were unable to obtain a diagnosis right away. When Marc-Alexandre turned 12 months old, we had been recommended to have him checked out in Republic Dominican. Without a second of hesitation, we took out all of our savings and bought a flight for the 3 of us to go meet an ENT specialist there. The results were devastating: Marc-Alexandre was diagnosed bilaterally deaf (both ears). We were not sure what to do or where to turn. We do not know if he would ever say, "I love you Mommy and Daddy." We have prayed for a happy, productive life for Marc-Alexander, and we want him to go to school and someday graduate from university to pursue a career and a life that he chooses.The ENT was adamant that our son needed cochlear implants; Implanting Marc will give him access to sound which will provide him with the only chance of age-appropriate speech and language development. This will provide him the opportunity to a better education and independent employment as an adult in the future. If not implanted, it may lead to permanent changes in the auditory cortex in the brain which may make it impossible to benefit from a cochlear implant or any form of hearing restoration surgery in the future. The cochlear implant bypasses the damaged portions of the ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve. The signals are generated by the implant and are sent passed the auditory nerve to the brain where the signals are recognised as sounds. However, the cochlear implants will cost USD$30,000 as we do not have insurance and there is no government social subsidy or help of any kind. We are raising money to pay for medical expenses including surgery, cochlear implant device, and a trip abroad for the surgery.Marc is growing up and as his parents; we know we have to do something. The only future for our son is to hear with cochlear implants. Just like everyone else, we want to give him the best possible future there is.Life is so precious and this innocent boy who deserves the right to live normally. In advance, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your incredible moral and financial support. Thank you for helping us change the life of our child. Kamaïa and Darlin Jeanty

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Marco & Thijs - Bike4Kika

All, This summer (4th August) myself and my son Thijs will be biking ~1000km from Oberrieden, Switzerland to Schagen, the Netherlands. We will be following the river Rhein all the way to the Netherlands. We aim to complete the bike tour in 10 days. We are doing this to raise money for child cancer research. Reason we are doing this is that a little over a year Thijs’s grandad passed away from cancer. I also had cancer and was lucky enough to survive, as such we want to do what we can to help other people that have cancer. Every little bit helps. All the money donated will go 100% to KIKA, which has been set up in 2002 to fund innovative research for Child Cancer. Treatments have significantly improved but still 1 in 4 children, diagnosed with cancer dies. The charity’s aim is to increase the survival rate of children suffering from cancer from 75% to 95% by 2025. They aim to do this by funding scientific research, improving treatments (less pain, higher cure rate and improved quality of life), concentrating expertise and treatment for children to accelerate experience. We hope you want to support with us this cause as no one especially not a child, should have to die from cancer. Thank you!Thijs & Marco

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Versions: Anglaise, Allemande, Française et Italienne ci-dessousHello everyone & welcome to this money pot!With just 1-click you can help to contribute to the recognition of the exceptional engagement of our Swiss hospitals care workers during the Coronavirus (COVID 19 ) crisis The money will be allocated on the prorata of number of beds of each hospital in Switzerland. The money will be transfered to the HR depatment of each hospital. The HR departmentwill redistribute the money as a bonus to all care workers.A receipt will be sent to each donor to be deducted on the next tax return. * Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparent!Thank you! Hallo Madame, Sir & willkommen in diesem Geldtopf!Mit nur einem Klick können Sie dazu beitragen, dass das aussergewöhnliche Engagement unserer Schweizer Spitalbetreuer während der Coronavirus-Krise (COVID 19 ) anerkannt wird.Das Geld wird auf die anteilige Bettenzahl der einzelnen Spitäler in der Schweiz verteilt.Das Geld wird an die Personalabteilung jedes Spitals überwiesen. Die Personalabteilungwird das Geld als Bonus an alle Pflegekräfte umverteilen.Geben Sie, wie viel Sie wollenJeder Spender erhält eine Quittung, die bei der nächsten Steuererklärung abgezogen wird.Alle Zahlungen sind 100% sicherWarum Es ist einfach und transparent!Vielen Dank! Bonjour Madame, Monsieur & bienvenue dans cette levée de fond !En un seul clic, vous pouvez contribuer à la reconnaissance de l'engagement exceptionnel du personnel soignant de nos hôpitaux suisses durant de la crise du Coronavirus (COVID 19 )L'argent sera alloué au prorata du nombre de lits de chaque hôpital en Suisse.L'argent sera transféré au département des ressources humaines de chaque hôpital. Ce département redistribuera l'argent sous forme de prime à tout personnel soignantDonnez le montant que vous souhaitezUn reçu sera envoyé à chaque donateur à déduire sur la prochaine déclaration dîmpôts.Tous les paiements sont 100% sécurisésPourquoi ? C'est facile et transparent !Vous recevrez un reçu pour la déduction de votre future taxe Gentile Signora, Egregio Signore,Benvenuti in questa raccolta di fondi.Con un solo clic potete contribuire al riconoscimento dell'eccezionale impegno che gli operatori sanitari dei nostri ospedali svizzeri stanno facendo durante questa crisi del Coronavirus (COVID 19 ).La donazione totale sarà assegnata in base al numero di letti in ogni ospedale in Svizzera.I soldi saranno trasferiti al reparto delle Risorse Umane di ogni ospedale. Le vostre donazioni verranno poi ridistribuite come bonus a tutti gli operatori sanitari.Date quello che potete, ogni gesto è importante.Una ricevuta sarà mandata ad ogni persona che farà un dono per permetterle di deddure questo importo dalla prossima dichiarazione fiscale. Tutti i pagamenti sono sicuri al 100%Perché È facile e trasparente!Grazie!

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Support for Aelfin Michel

Aelfin Michel - Critical Condition - Hua Hin, ThailandSadly, on December 31st, Aelfin tragically crashed on a motorbike causing him to suffer severe head and face trauma. Aelfin is currently in ICU under 24 hours medical care and constant support. When Aelfin arrived in emergency he required immediate surgery to remove bleeding on the brain and had part of his skull removed, which will need to be replaced with titanium. His jaw and teeth were severely smashed which will require surgery, as well as other serious facial and head injuries. Unfortunately this is a very critical situation. Due to the severity of his head injuries he has had many operations to date and requires many more, plus 24 hours support and months (if not years) of therapy. The latter is not yet known as we are currently taking it day by day, knowing that each day is a miracle. Aelfin is a fighter and at every set back he is fighting to stay here with us. For those that know him will know his determination and stubbornness. This trait is shining through in his fight for his life. This gives us hope. Holding onto this hope and knowing that Aelfin will keep on fighting, there is a long and very expensive battle ahead of us. He requires many more surgeries, and unfortunately at this stage, we are unsure of the extent of damage and rehabilitation required. We urgently ask all of you to help support Aelfin and his mother, Emma, with the extensive ongoing medical costs and medical care that Aelfin needs now and for the coming months. ALL of the funds donated will be used to cover Aelfin's hospital bills, medical and rehabiliation expenses. We would like to express our gratitude for your kind donations to the SUPPORT AELFIN FUND. Best regards,Aelfin's support team

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Together for Selim!

Together for Selim!

Hi dear Selim's friends!As most of you already know, Selim had a serious accident while traveling in New Zealand. He will be staying at the hospital until his repatriation to France. The injury was to his spinal cord, so his actions are limited at this time. Due to the nature of his injury, he spends his days lying on his bed and trying to recover as much as he can.We really would like to bring him some joy and sun after this tragic event. So first of all we were hoping to gift him a Nintendo Switch and some cool games to help him have more entertaining days and a lighter mood to pull through this awful situation. Showing him our support will definitely help him to keep going. :)We know this will be a long journey and he will need all the support he can get while he adjusts to these changes. So rest assured that all the money raised will be used wisely to help him with this big new challenge. For now we are trying to move step by step and focus on his comfort and mental health.Your support is more than precious. Please send him as much as you desire: messages, videos, love, anything that could help him to get through this difficult time! Let's help him keeping smiling and fighting no matter what. :)Thank you so much for being here for him! Lots of love ❤️️(Of course we'll keep you updated!!) Salut les ami-e-s !Comme la plupart d'entre-vous le savent déjà, Selim a eu un grave accident en Nouvelle-Zélande l'obligeant à rester à l'hôpital pour plusieurs semaines avant son rapatriement en France. Sa colonne vertébrale a été durement touchée et il doit passer ses journées allongé à essayer de récupérer le plus possible.Pour tenter de les rendre un peu moins longues et pénibles, nous nous cotisons pour lui offrir une Nintendo Switch et quelques jeux sympas qui, on l'espère, rendront son quotidien plus divertissant. :)Cela reste une petite goutte d'eau pour l'instant et il aura définitivement besoin de votre aide plus tard mais chaque chose en son temps ! Notre priorité du moment est son confort et sa santé mentale. Bien sûr, tout l’argent récolté sera exclusivement utilisé à bon escient et pour l’aider, maintenant ou après son retour en France. Car nous savons que la transition sera un vrai challenge et qu’il aura besoin de toute l’aide nécessaire.Votre soutien est très précieux, aussi n'hésitez pas à lui écrire, lui envoyer des audios ou vidéos, de l’amour, tout ce qui pourra l'aider à garder le moral et lui montrer que nous sommes tous là, derrière lui ! Car si vous l'aidez à garder son sourire et sa force, il les gardera. :)Merci du fond du cœur d'être là pour lui ! Des bisous ❤️️(On vous tient au courant!!)



Ayuda para Daniela

Ayuda para Daniela

Hola a todos, soy Alejandra y esta es mi hermana Daniela. El 21 de Diciembre es su cumpleaños y otro año más que ella está inconcientemente en este mundo.Hace casi 3 años tuvo un ACV mientras se mudaba de Barcelona a Koh Phangan (Tailandia). Daniela era una persona muy saludable y extremadamente cuidadosa, pero el estrés del cambio le jugó una mala pasada. Siempre generosa y disponible a ayudar a quien lo necesitara. A día de hoy está sola en su mundo, sobreviviendo en estado vegetativo y aferrándose persistentemente a la vida. Soy su única cuidadora y no la pienso abandonar. Tengo que hacerle frente a todos los gastos para su cuidado y para subsistir, y así surge la idea de solicitar esta colecta para emprender un pequeño negocio que nos dé una entrada de dinero regular y continuar en paz en este trayecto que nos queda.Gracias de todo corazón por cualquier ayuda que puedan darnos. Mi hermana Daniela y yo se lo agradecemos eternamente.Información detallada sobre el estado vegetativo: DE DONACIÓN:Banco Santander Rio (Argentina)Para tranferencias o depósitos en Pesos.CBU 0720205888000033968386Bank of Ayudhya PCL Bophut Brach (Tailandia)Nombre: Ana Alejandra GonzálezSwift Code: AYUDTHBK Cuenta: 535-1-08768-1PAYPAL: ago46426 @ gmail . comWESTERN UNION Ana Alejandra González - Pasaporte AAA655725Hello everyone, I am Alejandra and this is my sister Daniela. December 21 is her birthday and another year that she is unconsciously in this world.Almost 3 years ago she had a stroke while she was moving from Barcelona to Koh Phangan (Thailand). Daniela was a very healthy and extremely caring person, but the stress of her change played a trick on her. She is always generous and available to help whoever needs it. To this day she is alone in her world, surviving in a vegetative state and persistently clinging to life. I am the only caregiver for her and I will not abandon her.I have to face all the expenses to take care of her and to survive, and thus the idea arises of requesting this collect to start a small business that will give us a regular income and continue in peace on this path that we have left.Thank you with all my heart for any help you can give us. My sister Daniela and I thank you forever.Detailed information about the vegetative state: OPTIONS:Banco Santander Rio (Argentina)Transfer or deposits in Pesos.CBU 0720205888000033968386Bank of Ayudhya PCL Bophut Brach (Thailand)Name: Ana Alejandra GonzálezSwift Code: AYUDTHBK Account #: 535-1-08768-1PAYPAL: ago46426 @ gmail . comWESTERN UNION Ana Alejandra González - Passport AAA655725 ¡Muchas gracias por vuestra atención! Thanks for your attention!Alejandra y DanielaDetalles del proyecto (PDF Español)



Lou's Cares

Lou's Cares

Hello everyone !!!As you know, Lou has got an accident Friday evening at the beginning of the night.He was driving in motor and a Jeep chocked him before leaving him. Hopefully, he had his helmet and he was driving alone without Ara & me.We were very very very afraid but he is alive, he is conscient and the ambulance drove him to public hospital in Puerto Plata.With his father and wife, we went there and decided to drive him to private clinic in Bournigal for him to have better confort and specialists for what he needs. The only fact is we don't have insurance here so it will be VERY expensive for us.After blood transfusion, he is waiting for a surgery of multiple broken bones....We thank you each of you for your intention, message, help, energy and love. I appreciate very much.Here is my WhatsApp for anything +33646788319________________________________________Bonjour à tous, Comme vous le savez, Lou a eu un accident vendredi soir.Il conduisait sa moto et une Jeep lui est rentre dedans avant de prendre la fuite. Heureusement, il avait son casque et Ara et moi n'étions pas avec lui. Nous avons eu très très peur mais il est vivant et conscient et l'ambulance l'a directement conduit à l'hôpital public de Puerto Plata. Avec le père de Lou et sa femme, nous avons décidé de l'emmener à la clinique privée Bournigal pour qu il ait un meilleur confort et les médecins spécialistes dont il a besoin. La seule chose est que nous n'avons pas d'assurance ici con cela va nous coûter TRÈS cher. Apres une transfusion de sang, on attend la chirurgie pour multiples fractures.Je remercie chacun d'entre vous pour vos intentions, messages, aide, énergie et amour, je vous en suis très reconnaissante. Voici mon WhatsApp si besoin +33646788319



ETAT Burundi

ETAT Burundi

Kindernotfallversorgung im ländlichen Burundi(ETAT - Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment Implementierung)see english version of the text belowSpendenaufruf für die Initialisierung eines deutsch- burundischen GesundheitsprojektsFalls ihr/Sie lieber über Paypal spenden möchten so ist auch dies möglich:Eine Spende an die GTP über die Website ermöglicht diese Spendenoption. Wenn die Spende mit dem Vermerk “Burundi Projekt” versehen wird, unterstützt sie die Reise.Die aktuelle Situation in RumongeDas Amahoro Birimba Hospital in Rumonge ist ein Distriktkrankenhaus, in dem 2021 ca. 35.000 Patienten behandelt wurden. Die Notfallversorgung findet nicht nach Kindern und Erwachsenen gegliedert statt, bis dato gibt es auch keine eigene Kinderstation. Es gibt kein lokales Konzept, nach dem Kinder, die zu einer Impfung kommen, von Kindern, die mit lebensbedrohlichen Zuständen die Räumlichkeiten betreten, getrennt werden.Die ETAT Germany/Burundi Collaboration will das ändern. Noch 2022 sollen eine Kinderstation sowie ein Triagierungsgebäude eröffnet werden sowie eine Neugestaltung der Notaufnahme stattfinden.Es gibt aktuell keine KinderärztInnen vor Ort, sondern nur vier AllgemeinmedizinerInnen mit wenig Schulung in Kinder- und Jugendmedizin. Dies ist die überwiegende Situation in Burundi. Es gibt so gut wie keine Leitlinien bezüglich der Versorgung der kleinen Patienten, keine visuelle Hilfe für richtige Dosierungen von Medikamenten oder Ähnliches.Die ETAT Germany/Burundi Collaboration will das ändern. Die Kooperation wurde zur nachhaltigen Verbesserung der Gesundheitsversorgung von Kindern in Burundi geschlossen. Wir möchten gemeinsam in den kommenden Jahren das WHO Konzept Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment (ETAT) in Rumonge, im ländlichen Burundi etablieren und von dort aus, wenn möglich, weiter über das Land ausweiten, wie es u.a. in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Kenia und Uganda geschehen ist.Wir, das ist die Arbeitsgruppe ETAT+ Germany der Gesellschaft für Tropenpädiatrie und internationale Kindergesundheit (GTP) e.V. wurden von einem Team junger Ärzte in Burundi, die wir seit 2019 kennen , ermuntert, gemeinsam die medizinische Versorgung von Kindern im ländlichen Burundi zu verbessern.Was ist ETAT?Die ETAT-Leitlinien sind auf häufige Probleme in der pädiatrischen Notfallversorgung in ressourcenbegrenzten Umgebungen abgestimmt. Sie identifizieren Kinder mit akut lebensbedrohlichen Zuständen wie z.B. Atemprobleme, Schock, Koma oder Krämpfe und schwere Dehydrierung auf strukturierte und verständliche Weise und stellen einfache, aber klare Richtlinien für ihre Versorgung vor. Die ETAT-Leitlinien sollen das klinische Personal in die Lage versetzen, bei der Aufnahme kranker Kinder in Gebieten, in denen nur wenige Mittel für Diagnostik und Therapie zur Verfügung stehen, eine evidenzbasierte Best-Practice-Versorgung zu gewährleisten. ETAT basiert insbesondere auf den Beobachtungen, dass das größte Sterberisiko bei Kindern innerhalb von 24 Stunden nach der Vorstellung in der Notaufnahme besteht - daher ist es von entscheidender Bedeutung, dass die Triage, also das Sortieren der wartenden Kinder nach Schweregrad ihrer Erkrankung, die initiale Einschätzung (Assessment) und das sofortige Management angemessen sind. ETAT ist wissenschaftlich bewiesen ein Instrument zur effektiven Senkung der Sterblichkeitsrate/Mortalität. Die deutsche ETAT+-Arbeitsgruppe bietet Schulungen für Ärzte und Krankenschwestern an, die in ressourcenarmen Umgebungen arbeiten wollen. Unser Ziel ist es, sie auf die Arbeit im Ausland vorzubereiten. Die Arbeit der Gruppe wird auf freiwilliger Basis geleistet. Die Kurse sind günstig und decken lediglich die Anreisekosten der TrainerInnen, Materialkosten und Verpflegung ab.Nun möchten wir gerne ETAT-Leitlinien gemeinsam mit vier burundischen Allgemeinmedizinern in Burundi etablieren. An einem Ort, an dem ETAT sinnvoll ist, weil es innerhalb kürzester Zeit Leben retten kann.Warum Burundi?Burundi ist eines der kleinsten Länder Afrikas, hat aber eine Bevölkerung von fast 11 Millionen Menschen (GIZ, 2021). Etwa drei Viertel der Bevölkerung leben in Armut, und 90 % leben von der Subsistenzlandwirtschaft. Die gesundheitliche Belastung ergibt sich aus den weit verbreiteten übertragbaren und vernachlässigten Krankheiten und der hohen Rate an Unterernährung (58 % bei Kindern unter 5 Jahren, WHO 2015) unter hohem demografischem Druck aufgrund einer Bevölkerungsdichte von mehr als 310 Einwohnern pro km2. Die drei häufigsten Todesursachen sind Lungenentzündung (19 %), Durchfall (15 %) und Komplikationen bei Frühgeburten (11 %) (imelda). Die Zahl der Ärzte in Burundi ist aktuell bei einem Arzt pro 16.368 Einwohner. Die meisten praktizierenden Ärzte sind Allgemeinmediziner. Seit 2006 gibt es eine kostenlose Gesundheitsversorgung für Kinder unter 5 Jahren und schwangere Frauen.Diese Situation im Allgemeinen, wie auch die spezielle Situation in Rumonge, die wir oben geschildert haben, zeigt auf, wie wichtig es ist, das Problem der Notfallversorgung von Kindern zu verbessern.Wofür das Geld?Die deutsche ETAT AG kann im November/Dezember 2022 zwei sehr gut geschulte Kinderärztinnen mit viel ETAT Erfahrung nach Rumonge reisen lassen, um dort erste ETAT-Trainings durchzuführen und die neu entstandenen Gebäude mit Struktur zu füllen.Ein erster Projektbesuch hat im Juli 2022 stattgefunden. Alles geschieht natürlich Hand in Hand mit dem burundischen Team, was (bislang) wenig ETAT Erfahrung hat, aber natürlich bestens vertraut ist mit Land und Leuten, Sitten und (unausgesprochenen) “Dos und Don'ts”.Parallel sammelt eine burundische Kollegin Daten zur aktuellen Notfallversorgung bei Kindern, die uns im Verlauf des Projekts helfen werden, Erfolge zu dokumentieren und weiteren Bedarf zu detektieren.Wir müssen für die Reisekosten der deutschen Trainerinnen aufkommen. und da Burundi kein beliebtes Reiseland ist und aktuell die Flugpreise und die Kosten für Lebenserhaltungskosten vor Ort rasant steigen, wird die Reise etwa 5000 Euro kosten.Die lokalen Gegebenheiten erlauben leider keine Finanzierung der Reise von burundischer Seite, deshalb versuchen wir nun über dieses Crowdfunding zumindest einen Teil der Kosten zu decken.Für die Weiterführung des Projekts ab 2023 haben wir einen größeren Finanzierungsantrag gestellt und sind sehr zuversichtlich, dass ihm zugestimmt wird. Es handelt sich also um einen einmaligen Spendenaufruf, um die Kosten für die aktuelle zu decken.Alles in allem sind wir sehr auf Nachhaltigkeit bedacht - das burundische Team ist in alle Entscheidungen und Gestaltungen eingebunden, auch haben wir die lokalen Autoritäten auf unserer Seite. Wir hoffen, Interesse geweckt zu haben und sind äußerst dankbar für jede noch so kleine Spende zur Förderung unserer Tätigkeit.Bei Rückfragen zu unserem Projekt könnt ihr euch / können Sie sich gern jederzeit bei uns melden: Loetz(at) Murakoze cyane - Vielen Dank! Children's Emergency Care in Rural Burundi(ETAT - Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment Implementation)Appeal for donations for the initialization of a German-Burundian health projectIf you prefer to donate via Paypal, this is also possible: Donating to the GTP via the website allows this donation option. If the donation is marked "Burundi Project", it will support the trip.The current situation in RumongeThe Amahoro Birimba Hospital in Rumonge is a district hospital that treated about 35,000 patients in 2021. Emergency care is not divided into children and adults, and to date there is no separate children's ward. There is no local concept of separating children coming for immunization from children entering the premises with life-threatening conditions.The ETAT Germany/Burundi Collaboration wants to change that.A pediatric ward and a triage building are to be opened before the end of 2022, and the emergency room is to be redesigned.There are currently no pediatricians on site, but only four general practitioners with little training in pediatrics and adolescent medicine. This is the predominant situation in Burundi. There are almost no guidelines regarding the care of young patients, no visual aid for correct dosages of medicines or the like.The ETAT Germany/Burundi Collaboration wants to change this.The cooperation was established for the sustainable improvement of health care for children in Burundi. Together we want to establish the WHO concept Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment (ETAT) in Rumonge, in rural Burundi, and from there, if possible, expand it further across the country, as has happened in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda, among others.We, that is the ETAT+ Germany working group of the Gesellschaft für Tropenpädiatrie und internationale Kindergesundheit (GTP) e.V. were encouraged by a team of young doctors in Burundi, whom we have known since 2019 , to work together to improve medical care for children in rural Burundi.What is ETAT?The ETAT guidelines are designed to address common problems in pediatric emergency care in resource-limited settings. They identify children with acute life-threatening conditions such as respiratory problems, shock, coma or convulsions and severe dehydration in a structured and understandable way and present simple but clear guidelines for their care. The ETAT guidelines are intended to enable clinical staff to provide evidence-based best practice care when admitting sick children in areas where there are few resources for diagnosis and treatment. In particular, ETAT is based on the observations that the greatest risk of mortality in children occurs within 24 hours of presentation to the emergency department - therefore it is critical that triage, i.e. sorting waiting children according to the severity of their illness, initial assessment and immediate management are appropriate. ETAT is scientifically proven to be an effective tool for reducing mortality. The German ETAT+ working group offers training for doctors and nurses who want to work in low-resource settings. Our aim is to prepare them to work abroad. The work of the group is done on a voluntary basis. The courses are inexpensive and only cover the travel costs of the trainers, material costs and food.Now we would like to establish ETAT guidelines together with four Burundian general practitioners in Burundi. In a place where ETAT makes sense because it can save lives within a very short time.Why Burundi?Burundi is one of the smallest countries in Africa, but has a population of almost 11 million people (GIZ, 2021). About three quarters of the population live in poverty, and 90 % subsist on subsistence agriculture. The health burden stems from widespread communicable and neglected diseases and high rates of malnutrition (58% among children under 5, WHO 2015) under high demographic pressure due to a population density of more than 310 inhabitants per km2. The three leading causes of death are pneumonia (19 %), diarrhoea (15 %) and complications of premature birth (11 %) (imelda). The number of doctors in Burundi is currently one per 16,368 inhabitants. Most practising doctors are general practitioners. Since 2006, free health care has been provided for children under 5 and pregnant women.This situation in general, as well as the specific situation in Rumonge described above, shows how important it is to improve the problem of emergency care for children.What is the money for?The German ETAT AG can have two very well-trained paediatricians with a lot of ETAT experience travel to Rumonge in November/December 2022 to conduct the first ETAT trainings and fill the newly constructed buildings with structure.A first project visit took place in July 2022. Of course, this is done hand in hand with the Burundian team, which (so far) has little ETAT experience, but is of course very familiar with the country and its people, customs and (unspoken) "dos and don'ts".At the same time, a Burundian colleague is collecting data on current emergency care for children, which will help us to document successes and detect further needs during the course of the project.We have to pay for the travel costs of the German trainers, and since Burundi is not a popular travel destination and airfares and living costs are currently rising rapidly locally, the trip will cost about 5000 Euros.Unfortunately, the local circumstances do not allow for the financing of the trip from the Burundian side, so we are now trying to cover at least part of the costs through this crowdfunding.For the continuation of the project from 2023 onwards, we have submitted a larger funding request and are very confident that it will be approved. So this is a one-time fundraising appeal to cover the costs for the current one.All in all, we are very keen on sustainability - the Burundian team is involved in all decisions and designs, also we have the local authorities on our side.We hope to have aroused interest and are extremely grateful for any donation, however small, to support our work.If you have any questions about our project, you are welcome to contact us at any time: Loetz(at) Murakoze cyane - Thank you very much!



Céleste et Max - Peau à peau forever

Céleste et Max - Peau à peau forever

Certaines personnes nous ont gentiment demandé si nous avions des envies/besoin de naissance, et en fait nous avons déjà été bien gâté, et notre plus cadeau c’est de les avoir avec nous aujourd’hui. Ce qui nous ferait très Plaisir ce serait d’aider le service de réanimation néonatale à continuer de développer les soins de développement c’est à dire les soins qui soutiennent le développement neurologique de ces bout de chou. Ces derniers années les soins en néonatalogie ont énormément progressé sur le plan technologique ce qui a permis d’améliorer nettement la survie de ces loulous pressés de sortir, et plus récemment se sont développés les soins de développement qui eux globalement diminuent plutôt les séquelles neurologiques. Dans ces soins les parents sont mis en avant (alors qu’il y a 20 ans les parents ne pouvaient pas rentrer en réanimation néonatale) et le peau à peau est au cœur de la prise en charge. Nous avons eu la chance d’avoir une équipe médicale au top mais aussi des super fauteuils de peau à peau qui ont été acheté par le service via des dons à leur association, ca parait tout bête le peau à peau mais ca reste tout de même assez impressionnant en réanimation, et le fait d’avoir pu être installé confortablement, diminuait tout de même ce stress et nous a permis d’en faire un maximum avec eux. Nous aimerions que chaque parent qui le souhaite puisse en bénéficier, pour le moment le nombre est limité dans le service (un fauteuil vaut à peu près 100 euros). Voilà donc une cagnotte pour permettre à ceux qui le souhaite de se joindre à nous pour un don à cette association. merci à vous on vous embrasse tous les quatre.



COVID-19 - Collecte citoyenne visant à financer en urgence du matériel médical aux structures hospitalières et aux secouristes français.

COVID-19 - Collecte citoyenne visant à financer en urgence du matériel médical aux structures hospitalières et aux secouristes français.

Fonds de collecte et de soutien aux fins de financer du matériel médical à destination des structures hospitalières et des secouristes français dans le cadre de l'épidémie de COVID-19. Initiative citoyenne de la communauté "J'suis Pas Content" de Grégory Tabibian. La France traverse en ce moment une épidémie virale, ayant conduit le Président de la République à instaurer des mesures de confinement. Pendant ce temps, nos structures hospitalières, déjà exsangues avant l'apparition du COVID-19 sur notre territoire, peinent à prendre en charge les patients présentant des urgences vitales, conduisant certains hôpitaux à pratiquer une médecine que d'aucuns qualifient "de guerre" au cours de laquelle il faut choisir entre la vie et la mort d'un patient par manque de moyens. En parallèle, les bénévoles des associations agréées de sécurite civile sont massivement mobilisés et fournissent leurs moyens afin d'assister le public, le personnel soignant, les pompiers et le SAMU dans la chaine de protection et de secours, mettant leur vie en péril face a la menace virale. Cette situation est, à tous égards, intolérable, découlant d'une lacune financière et d'une gestion désastreuse flagrantes de la part des institutions dirigeantes de l'Etat, constatées et dénoncées depuis longtemps. A cet instant, et au delà du manque de matériel de première instance (masques, solutions hydroalcooliques, blouses, charlottes) résultant d'une forte demande, un manque crucial se fait jour: celui du matériel d'assistance respiratoire ainsi que de réanimation. Pour ce type de matériel, point de pénurie (des stocks soient disponibles a l'international), mais bien un manque de fonds permettant de nous approvisionner rapidement afin d'augmenter notre capacité de prise en charge en réanimation et ainsi sauver des vies, ou tout au moins ne laisser personne mourir par manque d'espace/de matériel. Une poignée d'euros de la part de beaucoup peut changer la donne, afin de fournir à notre exceptionnel personnel soignant travaillant jour et nuit pour notre santé et notre sécurité, le matériel dont il a besoin dans l'exercice de ces missions critiques, et d'améliorer la qualité de prise en charge des patients en urgence vitale. Au regard de la situation actuelle, qui requiert un esprit d'unité et de solidarité, cette cagnotte vous est proposée, dans le cas où vous disposeriez de fonds d'urgence mobilisables afin d'assister nos hôpitaux et nos personnels durant cette crise, qui touche l'ensemble de nos concitoyens sans exception. Oui, nous payons des impôts pour cela, et nous feront la "guerre" au gouvernement une fois le confinement levé sur ce point. Mais a cet instant, il s'agit de gérer l'urgence, et limiter les dégâts humains. Dans l'attente, vous pouvez consulter L'intégralité des fonds collectés iront, par transfert régulier (financier ou achat de matériel en circuit direct) : * 75% à la Fondation Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris, qui ventilera les fonds vers les CH, pour le financement de lits, respirateurs et scopes/multiparamétriques afin de compléter au plus vite des ensembles lit/scope/respirateur pour prendre en charge les patients en détresse respiratoire dont le nombre ne cesse de grandir.* 25% à la Fédération Nationale de Protection Civile, pour l'achat de matériel de protection (masques, surblouses, lunettes, SHA), et idéalement de bilan, permettant de prendre en charge plus efficacement et de manière sécurisée les patients potentiellement COVID-19 en amont de la chaine de secours. En vous remerciant par avance. Restez chez vous, lavez-vous les mains régulièrement, courage et patience. Prenez soin de vous et de vos proches. PS: si vous avez ce type de matériel à disposition et souhaitez en faire profiter le personnel soignant, rapprochez-vous de votre Centre Hospitalier local ou l'association de Protection Civile de votre département, ou contactez directement l'AP-HP. ------------------------------ 30-03-2020 : vous commencez à vous mobiliser, merci à vous. Avec 2000 EUR en cagnotte (toutes taxes et frais compris), nous pourrons lancer une commande en Chine de 1000 masques chirurgicaux FFP2, ventilables entre nos soignants de l'AP-HP et secouristes de la Protection Civile et livrables sous 72h. Cependant, au devant de l'urgence, si cet objectif n'est pas atteint d'ici mardi midi, nous ventilerons les fonds dans les associations F.AP-HP et FNPC afin de compléter financièrement les commandes en cours. Encore merci à tous. 01-04-2020: Merci pour toutes vos contributions - les fonds ont été ventilés auprès des associations. Il reste 69 EUR dans la cagnotte. ------------------------------ Liste des transferts depuis la cagnotte (montants réels versés apres frais) 22-03-2020: 14.40 EUR => AP-HP31-03-2020: 185.28 EUR => FNPC01-04-2020: 555.84 EUR => AP-HP Montant restant au 03-04-2020: 99 EUR



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