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the institute of masters of meat

the institute of masters of meat

To all of you,

Now we need to think about the future. Arlène has send you a debrief of the panel and we are now working on the next year event and the different operation/ communication we should organize in between. The next event will be hosted by José Gordon and Noemi at BODEGA EL CAPRICHO.

We need to create a board of members in order to communicate easily and make some decision for creating a formal entity. That's why i am sending this email to a selection of our members.Then we should agreed on the purpose of this Institute; transmission, knowledge etc...and our position in regard to a potential partnership with Butcher Manifesto. Just a quick reminder that the central idea is to recreate the bonds between the farmers, the butchers, the chef and the consumer. We all believe that all they all need to be educated, informed and connected. 

We should also ask for the Masters a small annual contribution in order start the process. We are asking 100 £ by person and 300£ by company.

Because We need to: - select the board members, president and officers - do the legal and corporate ( status, registration, accounting) - create a logo - fixing a guideline for the Institute exchang and  work with Arlene on the next event








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